Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How do I share my files like power point, articles, notes, etc?

Click 'Share Resources'
This is to facilitate the sharing of resources such as Prayer Services, Animation Notes, Art, Music, Articles/Research papers, PowerPoint presentations, cartoons, software etc among selected groups of Salesians.

Log on to your virtual office through the “Reserved Area”.
Click “Share Resources” on the left panel. The List of Resources will appear.
Click any Resource Title to view it.
Click Add Resource to add more resources.
Click the Delete Icon to delete a resource.
Select the office from which you are working by checking the appropriate button.
Check (3) the type of Resource by checking the appropriate button.
Type in the Title and a brief Description of the Resource.
You can add an image by clicking “Browse”.
The Resource File is added from its source (Floppy, CD, Hard Disk) by Browsing.
Authorize which category or groups of persons may use your Resource by checking the appropriate boxes.
Click “Submit My Resource”.

Resources posted by a member needs approval by the BIS Coordinator of his province, just like News items.Once a resource is approved by the BIS Coordinator, you cannot edit or delete it

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