Wednesday, June 22, 2005

BIS goes RSS

Bosco Information Service goes RSS.
This RSS feed will help Salesians to keep track of many news updates from various provinces of South Asia and in particular that of INDIA.

Thanks to Fr.Julian Fox for inspiring Fr.Joseph Poruthur to take a chance !


JohnD said...

Thanks PT for the invitations to join the blogging revolution. I am proud we are at the cutting edge of information. Hope we will have something worthwhile to inform.

to beginwith
in view of coming Centenary seminar on Social Communication in October can I challenge those who are involved in the provinces to get a resonably accurate picture of Communication curiculum in the formation houses in the provinces and share it with me so that the Panel discussion can be fruitful and not repeating pious sayings of the Church and Cong.

PT Joseph sdb said...

probably you should ask Fr.Charles P of INM how he does for Cent. brochure. He will give tips from his experience.
I would suggest that SPCSA office handle it. If not Reginal Office at New Delhi who else can demand such a collaboration and involvement, i wonder!

foxy said...

I'm particularly pleased to see that BIS has taken the plunge with RSS. The task now is to convince a few people at ANS to go the same way! But I will already begin to benefit from your move with austraLasia, and ANS benefits from austraLasia for some of its English language news, so in a roundabout way....
Congrats, anyway!