Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How do I announce the seminars I conduct/organize?

Click 'Share Seminars'
This is meant for sharing information regarding seminars that any member Salesian conducts or has information about.

Click “Share Seminars”. List of seminars (if any), which he has posted earlier, appears.
Click ADD. “Add My Seminar” panel appears.
Choose your office, if you have more than one office by checking the button.
Type in the requested details such as Title of the Seminar, Description of the Seminar, Seminar By, Seminar Venue, Registration Fee, Information source, etc. You can also add a picture by Browsing. Enter the Starting Date of the Seminar (Date, Month and Year).
Click “Submit My Seminar”. The title of your seminar will appear on the List of Seminars in the Province. If posted by an ordinary member it will first go for approval by the Web Coordinator.

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