Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How do I publish photos and create my album?

Click 'Share Album'
This is meant for all members to help them to create their albums and post their photos and images on the site.

Click “Share Album” link on the left panel. The Share Album List appears.
To create album click ADD. The Share Album Panel appears. Check your appropriate office button.
Type in the title of the new Album; type in the description of the Album. Then click “Save Album”. Click OK to confirm. The album is created. The “Add Photos to my Album” appears.
Click “Browse” in order to select the pictures from their sources (Floppy, CD, Hard Disk, etc).
Type in the photo caption. Type in the short description of the photo.
Click “Save Photos”. The Successfully Added” message appears along with the thumbnail preview of the pictures.
Go to “My Album List” to add more photos to any album.
Click ADD to add photos. Click View/Edit to view the picture or edit them.
Click the icon under “Add Photos” to add photos to the album.

At a time, you can upload four photos to the album.
Albums posted by members require the approval of the BIS Coordinator, just like the News items.

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