Monday, June 27, 2005

Street walking -Jesus style

When Pope Benedict XVI talked about taking Jesus to the street, I said " now we can have a patron for Streetwalkers, Jesus himself, just as he could be the leader for street smart guys like the salesians." I am sure JC would feel completely at home talking the lingo of the la strada, dropping in at the warrens of the street urchins and even supping with relish with floatsam that take over the streets with night fall.

I am sure JC would enjoy the freedom of the long road in the countryside, just as he would the down town streets that have become the canyon floors under the shadow of modern day concrete mountains. If the smell of asphalt road under the burning sun is mildly sophoric, JC would find the miasmic odours of the multitudinous activities of the city streets quietly reassuring.
What do you think?


PT Joseph sdb said...

Although the donboscoindia.blogger space is used by the readers of to give their feedback to improve the site, its features and the content, I think we should also discuss issues on youth and related activities to keep the spirit of Don Bosco alive also on the net. Who knows … this may pay way for a new module focusing on Indian Youth in the SPCSA site. It is a good start Fr.DJohn. Thank you for bringing Salesian Youth Spirituality online.

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